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Non-GMO, gluten free

Our line of Oasis products are designed to give you natural options to manage your disease. These supplements were designed by rheumatologists who specifically selected the most effective components with the highest purity and optimal bioavailability. Each daily dose is pre-packaged to save you money and take the guess work out of your routine.  Talk with our rheumatologist to determine which supplements are right for you and if you need to make any changes to your current medications.  You can purchase the first dose in our office but each month, your refill is conveniently delivered right to your door. Give yourself another option to optimize your health!!

ANP Joint Inflammation

Dial down your inflammation using natural components. Add these on to your prescribed anti-inflammatory meds for a powerful boost.*

Omega 3

Ultra high potency Curcumin

Boswelia Serrata

Vitamin D3

RNR Sleep Support

Settle down with these natural supplements for a better night's sleep.**





ANP Osteo Mobility

Jump start your joint mobility with these oral supplements. Each daily packet ensures you are taking quality supplements at the optimal doses.​


Chondroitin sulfate

Hyaluronic acid


CNA Memory Support 

Don't forget to boost your brain power with  natural products to sharpen your focus.



Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Holy Basil

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

BNB Bone Support

Go hard for your bone health! These supplements help you regain bone strength naturally. Ask us about using this with other vitamin supplements.**


Vitamin D3


Vitamin K2

ANE Fatigue Support

Energize yourself with natural supplements that will help you fight your fatigue.

Vitamin B12, B6

Panax Ginseng

Zinc Citrate



Green Tea Extract

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*Optimal effectiveness may take 2-3 months to achieve. 

**For your safety, talk with our providers to determine if you should adjust other supplements you're already taking.

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